The trainer had good experience and command over the language. The delivery of the course was perfect.

Y. Kishore Entrepreneur and job aspirant

Course Name: The English Edge Program

I am now able to talk to everyone without fear and able to communicate properly.

Lakshmi Job Aspirant

Course Name: A.T.L.A.S. Program

The most useful element of the session was company and individual goal setting. This helped manager and the team to agree on the goals.

Participant from MobileIron, Bangalore

Course Name: Managing Time with changing systems and processes

The training was very practical; I now understand my errors while speaking and am able to speak more confidently.

Ram Mohan, IT Employee

Course Name: A.T.L.A.S. Program

Now I know how to approach the questions asked in a job interview and how to present myself.

K. Srinivas, B.Tech. Graduate Job Aspirant

Course Name: Interview Essentials Program

Mock interviews and one-on-one feedback was the best part of the program; the trainer was very interactive and approachable. I am definitely more confident now.

E. Ravi Job Aspirant

Course Name: Interview Essentials Program