It is rightly said that life is a continuous learning. This makes all the more sense in today's competitive world where we need to continuously learn, unlearn, upskill, reskill not just to be ahead of the competition but for our personal and professional growth.

At DISKA consulting, we make this journey easier for you. We are with you on this path of personal and professional growth and development. Our core objective is help you realize your true potential by investing in yourself. Interactive sessions ingrained with activities, simulated games makes our training relevant and learner centric.

DISKA consulting's training and learning solutions will address all your learning and development needs. We believe that learning happens, is imbibed, retained and applied when you learn in the real world. Our experiential approach to learning with a deep understanding of Adult Learning Principles puts you at the forefront of achieving learning objectives.

The Individual Development Program is designed to ignite your passion for learning and enhance your skills and personality. The IDP is designed to incorporate Adult Learning Principles, Collaborative Learning and Application-based Learning.

The program enables individuals to excel in English language, communication skills and professional skills. IDP will fast-track your success by developing the right skills to better integrate into the globalized organization sectors.

Diska believes in tailor-made solutions to learning rather than provide run-of-the-mill learning programs which are very generic and low on effectiveness.

Our Learning Advisors will assess your strength and areas of development, job profile, areas of interest and create a customized IDP to maximize your learning.

Those people who develop the ability to continuously acquire new and better forms of knowledge that they can apply to their work and to their lives will be the movers and shakers in our society for the indefinite future.

"-Brian Tracy"

Course Title Course Description
The English Edge - Take your English communication skills to the next level

Effective Communication|Common Grammatical & Pronunciation Errors|Indianisms|Getting to know the US & UK Accent|Group Discussion|Role Pays|Activities

BEST (Basic English Speaking Training) - Basic English Skills for the Real World

Communication Concepts| Fluency| Vocabulary Building| Grammar

ATLAS (Advanced Training in Linguistics, Accent & Speech) - Enhance your Global Accent

Voice Concepts | Pronunciation techniques | Accent Neutralization | Fluency | Vocabulary Building

Interview Essentials - Improve your skills that will get you hired

Resume writing skills | Preparing for Face-to-face & Telephonic Interviews | Probing Techniques | Fear of failure | Negotiation skills | Mock Interviews

Business Communication Skills - Creating a competitive edge over others

Business Etiquette| Business Writing Skills| Conversation Skills| Personal Grooming

Behavioral Package - Top to Toe building Professional Image

Etiquette| Body Language| First & Lasting Impressions| Grooming

Buddy to Boss program - Equip yourself for the business environment

Personal Skills| Conversation Skills| Writing Skills| Presentation Skills

Manager's Toolkit on Essential Soft skills - For Emerging Leaders

Professional Vocabulary | Presentation Skills| People Management Skills| Managerial Skills

Conventional - Soft Skills - Design a program with your buddies

Tailor made Group programs - Like-minded people can form a group and choose the right program according to their work requirement.