DISKA's CDP is a professional skills program designed to develop an organization’s most important asset - its workforce. The CDP incorporates many key elements to develop skills for employees to excel at their jobs as well as for aspiring managers to become effective managers. The CDP entails on:

Essential Managerial Skills

People Management

Client Engagement and Management

Course Title Course Description
Campus to Corporate

Communication Skills (V&A) | Interview Skills | Behavioural Package | Public Speaking | Presentation Skills

BEST (Basic English Speaking Training) – Basic English Skills for the Real World

Communication Concepts| Fluency| Vocabulary Building| Grammar

Rising Star Program - Emerging Managers

Personal Competency | Managing Time | People Management Skills | Personality Development | Client Management | Cultural Intelligence

Young Leaders

Cultural Intelligence | Soft Skills | Professional Skills | Managerial Skills

Conventional - Soft Skills – Design a program as per your organization needs

Tailor made Group programs – Like-minded people can form a group and choose the right program according to their work requirement.