5 must have soft skills for managers of this decade

It’s a no brainer that soft skills are pivotal for a successful professional life. These intangible skills have become synonymous to all the great managers and leaders. These powerful skills equip you to motivate and lead teams and organizations leaving your favourable influence on people along the way. READ MORE

28 February 2018 Posted by: Sunita P (Sr Trainer)

5 Mistakes that First Time Managers Make

You are thoroughly excited and over joyous on becoming a manager for the first time; you had been waiting for this since a long time. At the same time you sense jitters and nerves as your span of control now directly affects your department and organization. It indeed can be an overwhelming experience as you now have the power to impact and guide your team members and make changes. An effective manager can make all the difference between a successful team and one that falls short. READ MORE

18 February 2018 Posted by: Sunita P (Sr Trainer)

Business Etiquette - Your tool for social & cultural intelligence

Customs and etiquette vary wildly from country to country, and business professionals are often unaware of the differences. What is perfectly reasonable to one culture can be highly inappropriate to another. So where does this leave us when working and living in multi-cultural companies or cities? READ MORE

27 January 2018 Posted by: Sunita P (Sr Trainer)

Body Language - Signals to Success

Many people fail to understand that in addition to the languages we speak from our mouth, there's another language that we use to communicate - body language. Our body language becomes an integral part of our communication at work and who we are, to the point where we might not realize or think about it. READ MORE

21 January 2018 Posted by: Sunita P (Sr Trainer)

Ineffective Communication at Workplace

Communication is a defining feature of organizations; how employees construct and exchange messages to enable goal-oriented activity and cope with uncertainty. It influences organizational structures, interpersonal relationships, power and control and leadership. READ MORE

16 January 2018 Posted by: Sunita P (Sr Trainer)

English - The Language of Opportunities

In today's world it's not enough just to talk; you need to talk well and make a good package of it. That's where language plays an important role. Effective Spoken and written English has become the critical and solitary tool of business communication, not just within the country but across continents. READ MORE

01 January 2018 Posted by: Sunita P (Sr Trainer)

Interview Skills

When it comes to interviews, there's no better formula for success than research and preparation. It is a learned skill, and there are no second chances when you finally land that interview. Below you will find some helpful hints that will better prepare you to land your dream job. READ MORE

12 December 2017 Posted by: Sunita P (Sr Trainer)